Reviews of Book

What do you need reviews for anyway?  Barbarians don’t care what other people think!  Orders are shipping and the book can be found in bookstores and comic book shops.

But just in case… Here are some of our Amazon reviews:

“This book is a must have for any fans of fantasy. From Conan to Orc Barbarians in Dungeon’s and Dragons, this book will appeal to your inner rage monster. The book’s light tone and tongue-in-cheek style will appeal to any age group.”

“I read it over a couple of weeks on my subway ride home from work, and I got a number of odd looks as I laughed out loud while going through this book.”

“I’ll be honest I re-read this thing 2 times already, and the list of Barbarian flicks towards the back was worth the price alone.”

Some barbaric stranger’s awesome video review can be found here.  He even quotes the book at length– proving that even literate people are loving Barbarians!

“While reading the book on the subway, I was laughing my ass off.” —Buncheman.  (A lot of people seem to have enjoyed Barbarians while riding the subway!)

“…Consistently funny, filled with a barrage of wild speculation and weird non-sequiturs. Not to mention about a zillion witty pop-culture references, most of which should hit their mark if you were a child of the savage eighties. …  I am totally behind a book which teaches you how to swing a sword from a toilet.” —Fruitless Pursuits

Here are some photos of thrilled customers…


Excited buyer Jessica, of southern Maine, bought this reverse-print copy for her pet sockmonkey.

More barbarian buyers

Dr. P. and Mrs. W. L. R., of Portland, Oregon, bought three copies. One for each to read, and one to smear candied goat livers on and then eat.

Barbarian Book Buyer

This man lives in Cincinnati, Ohio. He willed a miniature, luminous copy of the book into existence. He is a very powerful and extremely dangerous man.

 Feel free to send your photos, reviews, and body measurements to Grüte Skullbasher — gruteskullbasher {at} gmail {dot} com!