Understanding the Supermarket, Part 2: Grüte’s Epic Journey

Grüte Skullbasher at Mordor-Mart Mega-Mart

Grüte's Epic Journey. Map prepared by Grüte Skullbasher.

Grüte parks his Camaro Z28 (1) in the handicapped zone and runs into the store, leaving the engine running.  Once inside, he stops to eat a roasted leg of lamb he finds lying on the ground (2) and he feels slightly healthier.  At the butcher shop (3), Grüte asks for two whole cows, skinned, and lifts their carcasses onto his mighty shoulders. Dripping blood all over the store, Grüte meanders past row after row of snacks to find some cases of high-quality Bunglorian beer (4), which is made by mixing fermented barley with horse tranquilizers.  His hands are full so he shoves the beer inside the cows and runs past the cash registers.  The supermarket security force (5) attempts to stop him, but he is able to crush them and return to his car to slow-roast the cows on the hood while he drinks the cases of beer and blasts Mötörhead out of the radio.  Barbarian bikini babes arrive (not pictured) to dance, ululate, and celebrate his triumphant return.

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